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Dajema IT Distributors founded in 2005. Dajema, a company that initially functioned as a local computer service and repair company, grew over the years into a complete ICT company for individuals and SMEs. This means that at Dajema IT Distributors you are assured of years of experience in and knowledge of the IT industry.

During the crisis years it soon became clear that many consumers were looking for a way to purchase their computers and peripherals in a more economical way. This customer need gave rise to the idea to clean up and re-sell recently used PCs.  It soon became clear that these so-called 'refurbished' or 'recycled' PCs were received with great satisfaction, not only by private individuals, but increasingly also by SMEs.

Following the success of refurbished hardware, since 2018 Dajema IT Distributors has also focused on selling 100% legal, used software (licenses). You can read more about the advantages of purchasing refurbished software here.


In addition to a branch in Aalsmeer, Dajema also opened a branch in Macedonia in 2009.

Addresses of our branches:

Dajema IT Distributors
Koolwitjestraat 185
1432NS Aalsmeer
The Netherlands

KvK Amsterdam 61364088 

Dajema Development
Koolwitjestraat 185
1432NS Aalsmeer
The Netherlands

KvK Amsterdam 73782084 

European License Group
Koolwitjestraat 185
1432NS Aalsmeer
The Netherlands

Dajema dooel 
Bul. Jane Sandanski 76/58
1000 Skopje
North Macedonia
Severna Makedonija

EMBS 6481493 

+31 (0) 297 750688