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Purchase of second-hand/used Microsoft Volume Licenses

Dajema IT Distributors buys in a very targeted way no longer needed Microsoft software licenses from volume license agreements, from companies based in the EU/EEA,

The purchase of your no longer needed software by Dajema IT Distributors directs your old software investment back into a sustainable business strategy (product life cycle). You invest the proceeds purposefully in a new, flexible IT environment; whether in on-premise, cloud or hybrid scenario is basically irrelevant. The end customers of our Dajema partners can further digitalize and expand their business at their own pace and according to their own needs thanks to your discarded software.

Our specialization is on Volume licensing contracts from Microsoft 

In doing so, we offer full transparency in buying and selling licenses.

Together with our Microsoft partner, we ensure that both you as an IT reseller and your end user remain fully compliant and therefore audit-proof.

This is very important for our business and so we ensure that we comply with all the legal and manufacturer-specific conditions that are prescribed for the trade of second-hand software:

Among other things, all products offered for sale must fall within the official 'Microsoft Product Lifecycle'. This currently applies to all versions between 2013 and 2019. In addition, all licenses must be fully paid off and must be in the possession of the first buyer. Rental models such as O365 / M365 are excluded from the purchase option.

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For a successful and lawful transfer of the licenses (purchase and sale), handing over the following documents is essential! 

Two examples from the field: