Deze portal is alleen toegangelijk voor geregistreerde zakelijke IT Resellers.

Dear Customer,

For support you can contact us via the Webchat* at the bottom right of this website.
In order to be able to help you further, we need further information from you.

Can you provide us with?

1. The email you received with the license code.
2. A screenshot of the error message, this may also be a picture of your screen taken with your phone.
3. Telephone number where we can reach you.

*You can use our activation support up to 90 days after purchasing the license.
  Support requests outside this period will not be processed.

*1. When the chat is online you can immediately send a message,
and you can provide us with the license code and purchase date.
Through the chat we can give you instructions and you can safely upload screenshots.

*2. When the chat is offline you can still send us a message, we will reply as soon as possible.
Please check your spam folder regularly in case our response arrives.

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