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The fastest computer diagnosis

ScanCircle automatically checks your computer for the most common problems. It is free, fast and simple, anonymous and secure, free, fast and easy, anonymous and secure.

The ScanCircle partner program is an ideal extension of the service of computer repairers and computer shops. Because it's a cloud solution, you don't have to install anything yourself and you can use it in just a few minutes. 

The standard subscription is intended for the small self-employed person and can be taken out directly below. For large-scale use please contact us?


What are the advantages of the partner program compared to the free scan?

Technically, there is little difference, but with the partner program you can also offer the service to your customers:

1.     You can include the scan widget on your own website (4 lines of HTML or use our WordPress or Joomla plugin);

2.     You can add an optional or mandatory reference code to each scan;

3.     You will immediately receive a notification of every scan that is done in your partner environment;

4.     If necessary, you can show customers your own (interim) result page;

5.     Your customers will see your own advertisements instead of the map with ScanCircle partners;

6.     If your customers call for help, they will be directed to your own support page;

7.     You can also add your own chat widget or other HTML scripts to the pages in your partner environment;

8.     Also, visitors to the main environment can ask for your help;

9.     You will have online access to your scans and to the partner forum.


How quickly can I recoup my subscription fees?

Besides the fact that this service reflects your professionalism and can save you time in determining the problem, you can recoup the annual subscription with 3-5 hours of extra work (e.g. as a result of a mailing or extra work after a final scan).


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